A long story

We are based in the Tuscia region, one of Italy’s most unspoiled countryside areas near Viterbo bordering Tuscany, Umbria and the greater area of Rome. Our company has been producing tasty organic spreads for more than 60 years.

Our family tradition dates back to the Sixties, when our grandfather began to cultivate a few hectares of hazelnut trees on the slopes of the Monti Cimini mountains and bought the first shelling machine, and it continues nowadays with the creation of our Deanocciola brand. Ever since, Deanocciola takes care to manufacture clean label and specializes in spreads which can be enjoyed by people with food intolerances.

This choice to innovate and to always try to anticipate the exigencies of the consumers has been successful. Today, Deanocciola has grown to a benchmark in the Market of organic and vegan spreads.

Day by day, it is our goal to work with care using strictly selected organic raw materials, to respect the environment and the tradition and to create gorgeous quality spreads.